Longer form writing

I've presented some of my longer form writing here. The pieces come from various sources, including essays from courses, publications in journals, and articles from trade journals. If you're interested in anything I've said, please feel free to reach out to me and chat.

Company culture

There's a lot said about company culture, most of it nonsense. I wanted to know whether company culture actually affected company financial performance. At the time, I was doing a great course on organizational behavior at the Harvard Extension School run by the fantastic Carmine Gibaldi (a truly inspirational lecturer), so I wrote my final project for the course on company culture. Here's what I wrote. I'd love to hear your thoughts - you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.


John Snow and cholera

John Snow was one of the founding fathers of epidemiology and is a hero to many data scientists. In this short article, I retell the famous story with a focus on the data science aspects.

John Snow and Cholera

Forecasting US presidential elections

Some slides from a talk I gave at PyData Boston in October 2020.

Forecasting US Presidential Elections